October 29 — Hurricane Sandy

Many of you are aware that the east coast is seriously wet. What you may not realize is that LSAC is in the hurricane path, and owns its own internet servers (ISPs). Parts of Bucks County, PA (wherein LSAC resides) are already without power.

So don't be surprised:

  • if LSAT scores or other materials are late;
  • if you have trouble completing apps on the LSAC web site;
  • if you have trouble reaching any law school east of Chicago and north of Atlanta.

Don't worry about any Nov. 1 early decision deadlines. Law schools aren't foolish or malevolent. If you can't finish an app because of power outages in the next day or two, they'll know why.

  • But don't mess with them; if they're receiving apps from other people in your part of the country, they may not take your word that the problem is the weather.

Also, if you participate in any prelaw chat groups, please help spread the word.

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